Usually the best tequilas are very expensive, some selling for over a 1,000 usd, but there are also plenty of brands that Mexicans drink that have great quality and don’t cost as much. But as they say in Mexico:  “The best tequila is the one you like”.

There are basically 3 types of tequila and they are all related to the aging process of the agave:

Silver: Also known as Blanco, Plata, White or Platinum. This is the Blue Agave spirit in its purest form and the youngest tequila, aged for only a few weeks time.

Reposado: Reposado means “Rested”. It’s aged for a time period of 2 months to a year, it has a golden color and is smoother than the silver tequila.

Añejo: Añejo or “Aged” tequila rests for at least one year in oak barrels, losing the agave characteristics while adding and amber color and more flavor.

Mixology in Mexico is growing at a fast pace, it has even its own name: “Mexology”. Creativity bursts with the abundance of combinations that can be prepared with so many flavors and local ingredients.

So before we enter the fabulous and intricate world of exotic drinks, here is a list of  the 5 most popular cocktails among Mexicans that tourists usually never try.

  1. CARAJILLO: This cocktail is usually requested at the end of a meal, it is prepared with Licor 43 which has notes of cinnamon, orange blossom and vanilla, mixed with a shot of espresso coffee served in a glass with a sugared rim.
  2. PALOMA: It’s one of the most popular cocktails among Mexicans. Paloma means dove and it’s prepared with tequila, lime and grapefruit soda, served cold in a rim salted glass. Refreshing and strong.
  3. MICHELADA: It’s a Mexican cocktail made with beer, lime juice and tomato juice or clamato (a blend of tomato juice and clam juice), Worcestershire sauce and tabasco, served on a frozen beer mug with a salty and chili powder rim. A fresh and spicy way to start a party.
  4. CHARRO NEGRO: it means, black cowboy. It’s a simple drink with a lot of character: just tequila and coke, served on a glass rimmed with salt and lime juice. You must try it!
  5. CURADO DE PULQUE: It’s an ancient drink that goes way back to the Aztecs and it’s still popular today. Some say that pulque is having a comeback, but Mexicans know it has never gone away.

Pulque is a fermented beverage made from the sap of the agave or maguey, which is known as aguamiel (honey water) and it’s mixed with fantastic and unusual flavors like: mazapan, pistachio, mango, strawberry, peanut, fig, coconut, tomato and even key lime pie!

If you want you want to try a more modern cocktail, here is a recipe for one of Ziggy’s signature cocktails. Try it out at home!


  • 1 stick with red fruits
  • 1.4 Oz of raspberries
  • 1 Guava
  • 1 Oz of Lemon juice
  • 1 Oz of Contreau (Orange Liquor)
  • 1.5 Oz of Mezcal Agua que Ataranta
  • Worm Salt for the rim of the glass
  • 4 Ice cubes

So if you want to learn more about Mexican cocktails, the best tequilas and mixology, visit Tulum and its many bars!

Jackeline Gibbs
B.A. In International Affairs at the UDLA. Has lived in Quintana Roo for over 20 years and even though the hot weather makes her yearn the mountains, she remains faithful to the place she now calls home. Worked in tourism at the Riviera Maya tourism promotion Board and created the first Wedding planning business in Tulum. She is also a Column writter for the magazine “Cancuníssimo”