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Ziggy's Beach Club

Mezcal Tasting

at 5.30 pm at Ziggy’s Bar

Our Mezcal experts will take you through sensory experience paired with fruits, citrus, and nuts.

$ 35 USD per person

Mogo Mogo

Mexican Folk Son Jarocho

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Son Jarocho is a regional folk music style of Mexican Son from Veracruz, a Mexican state along the Gulf of Mexico. It evolved over the last two and a half centuries along the coastal portions of southern Tamaulipas state and Veracruz state, hence the term “Jarocho”, a colloquial term for people or things from the port city of Veracruz. It represents a fusion of indigenous (primarily Huastecan), Spanish, and African musical elements, reflecting the population which evolved in the region from Spanish colonial times. Lyrics include humorous verses and subjects such as love, nature, sailors, and cattle breeding that still reflect life in colonial and 19th century Mexico.

Daily Events

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