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Ziggy's Beach Club

Tequila & mezcal tasting

at 6.00 pm at Ziggy’s Bar

Tequila is an elegant spirit with unique flavors and sensations that you will always want to remember.

Our tequila and mezcal tastings are led by our experts who will introduce you to our culture and you will quickly gain a clear appreciation of the AGAVE world.

During this experience you will taste 4 tequilas and 4 mezcals accompanied by some appetizers:

Plain hummus – Chickpea puree, sesame oil and bean toast.

Pepita and Habanero Hummus – Chickpea puree, Sikil pak, sesame oil and bean toast

Guacamole – Avocado, coriander, oregano

$ 78 USD per person

Mariachi Band

Ziggy's Beach Club

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Mariachi is a musical expression that dates back to the at least 18th century in Western Mexico. It is a tradition that can be defined by various socio-musical elements. Mariachi instrumentation and texture, musical genres and subgenres, performance methods and styles, singing styles and forms, dance styles, performative space, performance clothing, and the word “mariachi”.

Each element has its own history, originated at varying moments in time and in different regions of the Western Mexican countryside, and some, if not all, had to converge in order for the mariachi tradition to become what it is.

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