Are you looking for one of the few Beach Clubs in Tulum where you can enjoy soft music, delicious Mexican food and excellent service? Then you should spend a day at Ziggy’s Beach Club in Tulum.  It’s located next to The Beach Tulum Hotel  and over the years it has become an iconic Beach Club in Tulum for tourists and locals, one of the first to open in 2010 before the party scene arrived.

About thirty years ago, Tulum was one of the quietest beaches on earth with only a few ecological cabanas on an amazing white sandy beach, pristine turquoise blue waters and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. You could only hear the sound of the waves during the day and the lively fauna in the jungle at night: crickets, frogs, birds, some spider monkeys too.

Over the years as tourists discovered this hidden paradise, Tulum has changed its personalityand it has now become one of the preferred towns in the Mexican Caribbean, offering a chic-bohemian atmosphere combined with everything that Mexico has to offer: great food, the best hospitality and tropical weather.

Along the years, Ziggy’s restaurant and Ziggy’s Beach Club decided to stay true to Tulum’s beach vibe and decided to keep offering the same atmosphere Tulum had years ago. Laid back, calm, surrounded by nature, beautiful but not pretentious; simple yet elegant. This is one of the main reasons why Ziggy’s Beach Club has enjoyed the preference of the public for many years with a high percentage of repetitive clients that come back year after year to a place where they feel at home.

Customers who have discovered Ziggy’s Beach Club keep coming back and recommend it to their friends and family. Word of mouth recommendations, reviews on Trip Advisor and comments left on social media are the best guarantee that you will find exactly what Ziggy’s offers.

Ziggy’s Beach Club has double beach beds decorated with colorful cushions, placed under the sun or at the shady area under the luscious palm trees. 

They play soft music, have personalized service and are famous for their delicious food. The soft music at Ziggy’s Beach Club allows you to continue listening to the sound of the waves, talk or read a book and relax at the beach until the sun goes down. If you are looking for a party scene, then they are not the option in Tulum.

The restaurant has a delicious Mexican style menu where everything is prepared with fresh local ingredients. From tuna tartar, fresh ceviches, a world class grilled hamburger to tasty vegan options. At the beach bar, you can ask for an ice cold Mexican beer, a traditional margarita or take the adventurous lane and discover delicious combinations of exotic signature cocktails.

At Ziggy’s Beach Club you can enjoy three different areas:

  • The Restaurant under a palapa, where you can have lunch while enjoying the view.
  • Sea view terrace with private seating areas, shaded beachfront tables just a couple of steps from the beach.
  • And the Beach Club with double beds in the sun or shade area under the palm trees.

There is a minimum consumption of 70 USD per person for the use of Ziggy’s Beach Club facilities. No minimum spend if you prefer to lunch at the restaurant.

Dinners are served under their beautiful palapa with dishes from the grill and oven, delivering an experience of true Mexican flavors.

Ziggy’s also offers various fun activities, from Tequila and Mezcal tastings to cooking classes, free dancing salsa classes once a week to live music every day from sunset to 9.30 pm.

If you wish to book your visit, please contact them at +52 (1) 984 871 1132 or send us an E-mail:

You can find Ziggy’s Beach Club at  Km 7.5 on the beach strip;  enjoy a relaxing beach day, excellent food and the best service in town.