The beach destination of Tulum has become a hot spot for surfers, kite surfers and paddleboard surfers. Along the shore you will always see plenty of colorful kites jumping over the waves and surfers showing bystanders a few fun tricks.

If you are looking for consistent waves you must come surf between November and May. Wind power in Tulum goes from light to medium (an average of 12 to 20 knots). If you come down during the summer months the winds won’t be as strong but you will be able to catch some waves. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to surf in Tulum, this will be the best time of year.

There are plenty of surf schools you can contact in Tulum that teach and rent equipment as well. Make sure they have certified instructors so you learn fast, have fun and remain safe. One of the first kitesurfing schools in Tulum is Extreme Control. They offer kitesurf lessons and packages, paddle boarding in the ocean or cenotes and equipment rental. You can check out options on their webpage at

Surfing and kite surfing demand high level of fitness and it is very important to get the right nutrients through a balanced diet. It is always best to eat 2 hours before your surfing session.

Complex carbohydrates such as pasta, fruits, rice and vegetables before you start will fuel your body with long lasting energy levels.

After a hardworking session, you need to have a good intake of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

At Ziggy’s Restaurant we can prepare the perfect menu for your body to repair and replenish all the nutrients burned during your surfing session.

You can try our fresh homemade Guacamole, followed by a grilled fish fillet “Al Ajillo” accompanied by rice with huitlacoche, asparagus and baby carrots and we also suggest a side of quinoa salad.  You can also accompany your meal with a freshly prepared smoothie with a mix of tropical fruits and green vegetables.

So if you are planning and coming down to Tulum and surf its waves, try delicious and healthy options before and after you have one of the best kitesurfing experience of your lives.

Jackeline Gibbs
B.A. In International Affairs at the UDLA. Has lived in Quintana Roo for over 20 years and even though the hot weather makes her yearn the mountains, she remains faithful to the place she now calls home. Worked in tourism at the Riviera Maya tourism promotion Board and created the first Wedding planning business in Tulum. She is also a Column writter for the magazine “Cancuníssimo”