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Tequila Night

Tequila Night at Ziggy's on Tuesdays

Mexican Dinner

Tequila has the reputation of being the drink, of experiences best forgotten. We want to introduce you to Tequila as the elegant spirit of unique tastes and sensations that you will want to remember.

Explore each of the links below and you will quickly acquire an appreciation for the spirit that many call the “nectar of the gods.”


Every Tuesdays Live Music | 7pm - 9pm

Mexican music

Tequila Night

$ 20 USD

Join us for an introduction to Mexico and its Tequila in a wonderful evening in front of the Caribbean.
It starts with choosing the right Tequilas, made from the purest of ingredients and crafted with care from the region’s boutique Tequileras, these spirits compel you to put down the shot glass and reach for a slender tasting glass that will provide a window into the drink’s bouquet.
You will try the three different Tequilas the most respected houses produce: Blanco, Reposado & Añejo.
Since Tequila is not only a spirituous drink, but it is the base of the Margarita, we prepare in front of you three cocktails from the house: Tamarind, Passion Fruit and the Special with fruit from the season.


Special Mexican Menu

$ 40 USD

A Mexican Evening with Tequila & History is the perfect frame for a Mexican Dinner.
Our Chef suggests a traditional menu that complements perfectly.
Traditional Margarita Guacamole with tortilla chips & Tortilla soup scented with Epazote Grouper fillet in Borracha sauce & crunchy almond and cactus or Pastor flank steak marinated with esquites & sautéed Huitlacoche Vanilla sugar donuts with hot Mexican chocolate & Banana Flan


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