At Ziggy’s restaurant, the food is not only nourishing and tasty, it is a culinary experience that will awaken all of your senses while overlooking the amazing Caribbean Sea, in Tulum. At Ziggy’s, their delicious menu is the result of the fusion of creativity and passion.

Ceviche, aguachiles and empanadas, do you know the difference? Here is a delicious explanation:


It is still to be defined if the ceviche is an original recipe from Peru or Mexico. In both cases the result is fresh and tasty! The seafood is marinated with variations of lime-juice, cilantro, hot peppers and onions.

Ceviche is prepared with raw fish or seafood that is left to sit and cure in lime or lemon juice until it is cooked and safe to eat.

At Ziggy’s there are two fantastic options:

  • Ceviche Caribe: With Shrimp, mango, red onion, mint, cucumber, jicama & a passion fruit-coconut mix.
  • Ceviche Tuluminati: The name says it all. Fresh grouper, coriander seeds, avocado, cucumber, cilantro leaves, citrus and Mezcal.


This juicy and tasty dish is typical from the pacific coast of Mexico, specifically from Sinaloa and Nayarit, where the weather is extremely hot.  It is easy to prepare and it pairs perfectly with the bitter accent of a revitalizing and chilled Mexican beer. It is usually prepared with thinly sliced raw fish fillet, shrimp or scallops marinated in lime juice. Octopus aguachile is also popular, but the octopus has to be previously boiled before it is marinated.

This recipe includes lime juice, cucumber, onion, habanero or chillpitin chile, salt and pepper and is served over a crisp corn tostada.

Here is the recipe for Ziggy’s famous aguachile:  Shrimp marinated in lime juice, green sauce, cucumber, cilantro, avocado, fried leek and a Recado Negro coulis (a Mayan delicacy).


An empanada is a fried or baked turnover in the shape of a half-moon made with flour dough or corn flour dough. You can stuff them with any number of ingredients such as chicken, beef, seafood, cheese, vegetables, or fruits and can either be baked or deep fried.  They can be served as appetizers or snacks, but they can also easily make a full and satisfying meal. In English these would be called “patties”.

At Ziggy’s the empanadas acquire a different twist. They are filled with dehydrated hibiscus flowers, sour cream and fresh cheese accompanied by a delicious and contrasting sauce, prepared with chile de arbol and peanuts.

Now that you know the difference between ceviche, empanadas and aguachiles, you must try them all at Ziggy’s.